Special Offers

Preferred Client Programs

You will select an interval of weeks between appointments. “A” clients will conclude each grooming appointment by scheduling their next appointment. “”B” members receive an appointment scheduling call one week prior to the due date of their next interval. In return I will provide a tooth brushing at each appointment for no additional cost. I will also include seasonal specials at each visit (charms, toys, special bandanas/bows, colognes etc).

Military Card Holder

You will receive a $5 discount at each visit for being a member of our nation’s military.

PT Time Grooming

Schedule Lead Dog to arrive at your PT location. I will meet you there at 5:45 and groom your dog while you are at PT. Your pet will be ready to go no later than 7:45 so you can bring him back home while you change.

Puppy Intro’ Package

For puppies up to 8 months old. Start your faithful friend off on the right paw! Let us ease your puppy’s introduction to grooming. Schedule up to 4 grooming sessions within 45 days for $80. Benefits include:

  • Creating a lasting bond of friendship and trust between your groomer and your puppy.
  • You will learn valuable grooming tips specific to your puppy.
  • Avoid the dreaded shave down! Matting is very common as your dog transitions from puppy fuzz to adult coat.
  • Make grooming a familiar, pleasant experience for the rest of your pet’s life.

Ft. Carson Drop-In’s

Once weekly on Thursday nights from 4-9 pm, you can schedule a drop in service for the following:
(Please call no later than Tuesday for that week’s services)

  • Nail trimming / grinding $10
  • Brush out $10 (de-matting extra)
  • New bows or top knot $5
  • Eye hair trimming $5
  • We are happy to offer services not listed, please just ask!