Pricing grooming is difficult because every dog has a different coat and requires varied techniques. Please be understanding if your price isn’t exactly listed. I will be fair to you if you are fair to me!

LARGER BREEDS will be slightly higher, please call for a price if your dog is over 80 lbs. It’s not that I don’t want to groom your large dog, it just takes longer..

  • Bath services start at $50
    • Customized Shampoo
    • Tooth Brushing
    • Customized Conditioner
    • Ear cleaning / Plucking
    • Nail Clipping and Filing
    • Hand Fluff Dry
    • Brush and Comb
    • Anal glands expressed
    • Bandana or Bow
    • Cologne or Perfume

This price is for a short haired basic regularly scheduled bathing, including boxers, pits, bostons, pugs.

  • Large Dog Baths $70
    • All of the above included
    • Paw trimming
    • Butt and belly trimming

This price is for longer haired dogs such as Aussies, Border collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepard, Husky.


If your dog needs it, it will be charged. This not an optional ad-on, all dogs get a complete blowout/brushing

This price is for longer haired dogs such as Aussies, Border collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepard, Husky.

  • Complete Grooming $70
    • All of the above included
    • All body haircut

This price is for all small and medium breed dogs requiring a haircut. Shih-tzu, Min poodle, Maltese, Schnauzer, Terriers, Bichon

If you want your large breed dogs hair cut everywhere, the price will start at $90. Such as a Standard Poodle, Golden-doodle, or spring shave for long haired dogs.

NEWFOUNDLAND and BERNESE MTN, etc. dogs will be priced based on the individual dog.

If your dog is exceptionally small and does not require an all body haircut: such as a Chihuahua, Boston, Jack Russell etc. AND you have more than one pet at your house or in your neighborhood, I will negotiate lower pricing for those special circumstances.

  • Our prices are determined by the services needed, not the size or the breed of your dog.
  • De-shedding is added and necessary for large double-coated breeds
  • Some breed cuts that require special skill, knowledge, or time will be assessed a Hand Scissoring charge.
  • Difficult or challenging behaviors will be assessed an additional charge.
  • Senior pets require a special appointment in which I have a helper to assist with services. This is provided at an additional charge.