Lead Dog Mobile Grooming

Q: I am not home often, how can I still get your services?
We prefer that the owner is home the first time we come to groom your pet, so that we can address any health concerns or styling desires. After that, if you are comfortable and happy with our services you can leave us access to your pet and your presence is not required. You come home to a clean pet and never have to think twice about it.

Q: Do you do haircuts?
Yes, our groomers are certified, professional groomers who know breed basic clips and can communicate with you different options for your dogs haircut.

Q: How long does mobile grooming take?
Most baths take 1 hour and most haircuts take 1-2 hours. Your dog gets one on one attention and never leaves the hands of their groomer!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash or Check. We do not run credit/debit cards.

Q: Why don’t I want a hydro-bath service?
A “hydro-bath” is a machine that is designed to save water and lighten the weight of mobile grooming vehicles. Our goal, however, is to provide the best service for our customers even if it means having to use a more expensive (professional) trailer. The “hydro-bath” machine re-circulates your dog’s bath water over and over again on top of your pet. Conversely, we use only fresh water from start to finish; we don’t re-circulate your pet’s dirty bath water. We’re able to do this because we install enormous water tanks in our salons.

Q: Is my dog dried?
Yes, we dry your dog completely before we bring it back into your house.

Q: Isn’t it cold in that trailer?
NO, the salon is climate controlled and quite nice despite the outside temperature. We will reschedule if it is below 20 degrees outside.

Q: Can you help my dogs shedding?
Yes, a regularly scheduled wash is designed to rid your dog of dead hair ensuring the least possible amount of shedding in your house.

Please read our policies BEFORE you book your appointment with Lead Dog Mobile Grooming

    • We reserve the right to deny services or to raise the price to those who do not disclose the true condition of their dogs coat or temperament.
    • We try to answer every phone call. If I don’t get to the phone I am most likely grooming. Leave me your name and number and I will return your call within the day.
    • The facility is high tech, insulated, heated and cooled. I can groom in any weather, however if it is under 20 degrees I have a difficult time with condensation and will ask to reschedule. Additionally, I will reschedule appointments if it is icy and unsafe to drive the trailer. Basic rule of thumb is: if roads are too bad to keep you from driving, then don’t expect us to. We will give you as much advanced notice as possible.
    • Our salon is cleaned and disinfected before each appointment to ensure your pets optimum health.
    • Remember, every year tens of thousands of dogs are referred to Vets by pet groomers based on their observations. We do notice even slight changes in your dogs skin and coat and will tell you when we think there is something that needs further attention