About Us

Meet Your Dog Groomer

My name is Tasha Root. Grooming is my second career; my first was an electronic engineer. I have been a Dog Groomer since 2006. My first years of grooming were spent on the east coast. Then the military moved us to Colorado, where my husband and I chose to retire.

My Knowledge of grooming extends far beyond simple haircuts; the health of our canine friends is of the utmost importance to me. I have volunteered at both Veterinary clinics and Rescue shelters in order to expand my knowledge of animal behavior and to surround myself with as much diversity as possible. At every Salon I have worked at I have had the benefit of putting my knowledge to use and help clients care for their canine companions more completely and that is very satisfying.

I continue to hone my skills at every opportunity. I attend Grooming seminars a few times a year. I have received small class instruction from world-renowned groomers as well as peers and associates.

I opened Lead Dog Mobile Grooming in 2008. I saw a need for a more personalized service; both for the pets and their owners. I am able to provide a level of comfort and ease that is often missed in fixed salon buildings. Many dogs do not travel well and many families find it difficult to juggle pets and children. It is also disheartening to leave your pets for hours, sometimes whole days in the hands of people that you don’t know. I cherish the opportunity to provide a more personalized service where it is best for you and your pets.

Daniel is our bather. He takes care of all the dogs that do not require haircuts. He started his dog career right here with Tasha and she has taught him everything he knows about grooming. We love his enthusiasm for the job and attention to detail. Dan always enjoys meeting new clients.

Dianne has been grooming since 2009. She ran her own shop in Chicago for 7 years and moved to Colorado in 2018. We are so glad to have her on our team. Her skills are excellent she has an unmatched love for her clients. Her patience is golden which makes for such a great dog handler.

Thank you and I look forward to serving you! Tasha Root